Copycat Recipe Auntie Anne's Pretzels with Cheddar Dipping Sauce


An irresistible copycat recipe for Auntie Anne's Pretzels! You won't believe how close to the real thing these are! A perfect chewy, salty anytime snack.


  1. Posted by ilocasio, — Reply

    This recipe is very good. I recommend that the pretzels get formed into a bigger thinner shape. Mine we little and fat so every bit was a mouth full of bread.

  2. Posted by shelleygueho, — Reply

    Made these but I put melted butter on them before they went into the oven. They never browned. They also just tasted like pizza dough, nothing like a pretzel.

  3. Posted by yinyangfox, — Reply

    Tasted great! I didn’t put butter on top but they still tasted really good. Thought I wasn’t able to get the dark brown color, it was more of a light brown

  4. Posted by carlikay27, — Reply time I’d like to make it into 5-6 pretzels instead of 12-16 like the recipe says...cuz for me they all turned out small...

  5. Posted by murphyhaber, — Reply

    These are the most amazing pretzels I have ever had! They taste exactly like auntie Anne’s! I made them into pretzel bites and had them with fondue cheese. Sooooo good!!

  6. Posted by endresjankoski, — Reply

    My these with my 5 year old granddaughter. They were very good also made the cheese sauce. I didn't add the melted butter on top when they were done though.I figured the cheese was enough. The most important part was she enjoyed making and we did by hand just thought it would be more fun. Forgot to take picture.

  7. Posted by leeshastoner, — Reply

    Delicious. I had to add a bit more flour so it wasn't so sticky and really grease the pan so they don't stick. Best if eaten right away

  8. Posted by BarnesMNoble, — Reply

    I cut mine into bitesize and put cinnamon and sugar on them instead of salt. All of my friends loved them and they were all eaten very quickly.

  9. Posted by emma_willis02, — Reply

    It was so good! I did half of them with salt on top like a normal pretzel and did half with cinnamon and sugar. So soft and delicious. Will definitely do again!!

  10. Posted by laraasput, — Reply

    DISSAPOINTED !!! I just made this pretzel recipe but its too soggy i dont know whats wrong but im pretty sure i followed every instruction in the recipe and it didnt taste anything like pretzel it tasted like soggy bread :(

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