50 Best Tattoo Quotes & Short Inspirational Sayings For Your Next Ink


There Are So Many Options When It Comes To Getting A New Tattoo, But A Great Way To Keep You Motivated Every Day Is To Get A Short Inspirational Quote Tattoo. Have Fun Going Through The Best Tattoo Quotes And Short Inspirational Sayings And Choosing One To Ink On Your Own Skin!


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    Your body is fragile. It is living breathing encasement for you beautiful spirit Live up to meeting your destiny. Did you know that nirvana allows you to travel to other Dimensions? ( Don't let anybody stir your spirit but divine inspiration or intervention.)

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    Guys: this is actually a song lyric. Look up the song “What I’ve Overcome” by Fireflight - it’s absolutely phenomenal.

  3. Posted by YouShallNotPassSaidGandalf, — Reply

    I am what I have done wtf?? I am not someone who has overcome abuse, I am some one who has drawn, written and moved. I am someone who's art is now on her skin. I am someone who has talked their friends from bad places and someone who has gotten into a good school. I am what I have done, not what I have overcome. Do not try to take people's accomplishments from them

  4. Posted by anneemcdougall, — Reply

    I'm depression, and obesity.... well that's just mean.

  5. Posted by karengrimes1433, — Reply

    You are one split second at a time. Remember that.

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    A liar. Cheater. Fake.

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    Noah Centineo be like

  9. Posted by makeupminion1, — Reply

    You're both

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