28 People Who Had One Job And Failed Miserably At It


The level of incompetence is staggering.


  1. Posted by pvalent858, — Reply

    А это случаем не Россия? Просто надпись то напоминает слово "Утро", только букву первую перепутали.

  2. Posted by Lebakirnp, — Reply

    Stpo judging and do what it says.

  3. Posted by allicornelius7, — Reply

    Thought it said stupid at first

  4. Posted by silverdragon9926, — Reply

    Stpo! It's the cops!

  5. Posted by magicpossum2638, — Reply

    I don’t see what’s wrong with this photo

  6. Posted by cheftimmccaa, — Reply

    Even had a cheat-sheet at upper right.

  7. Posted by nurulazah13, — Reply

    Imagine stop are spelling as stof

  8. Posted by caydingray2026, — Reply

    The sign is right there

  9. Posted by kea8941, — Reply

    please stpo here

  10. Posted by teaganandgabby, — Reply

    Everybody STPO!

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